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AAP Questions and COVID-19 Updates Due to School Closure

Navy Elementary is an Advanced Academic Level IV Center providing full-time Level IV services. In addition to the AAP Level IV Center, all Navy students are taught critical thinking skills and strategies. Advanced Academic School-based part-time Level II and Level III services are provided for identified students. 

Additionally, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Advanced Academic Programs provide challenging learning experiences that are designed to meet the unique learning profile of a broad range of advanced learners. Through a continuum of opportunities, students engage in complex subject matter, preparing them for more challenging and rigorous classes as they advance in grade level. Children identified for FCPS advanced academic services exhibit exceptional performance capability in academic, intellectual, and creative endeavors. In order to meet their needs and develop to their potential, these learners require a differentiated curriculum.

Level I Services: All students in our community of learners receive instruction using 9 critical and creative thinking strategies. Students apply the use of mind mapping, questioning, encapsulation, point of view, visualization, decisions and outcomes, analogies, PMI, and fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration (FOFE) to their grade-level concepts.

Level II Services: Students identified by our local Advanced Academic committee receive differentiated instruction in a content area(s) of strength. Instruction is delivered by the classroom teacher in collaboration with our Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) .

Level III Services: Students identified by our local Advanced Academic committee work directly with the AART each week in a small group setting. During this time, students are challenged with enrichment and extension activities developed to enhance grade-level curriculum.

Level IV Services: Students who are found eligible to receive these services through a central selection screening process receive a challenging instructional program in language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Important AAP Referral Information

Level IV Referral Deadline for New Students: October 10, 2019

Level IV Referral Deadline for Current Students: January 9, 2020

AAP Identification and Timeline


AAP Referral Updates - Referrals Due January 9, 2020

Advanced Academic Programs Level IV referral forms/optional materials for students in Grade 2 and students in Grade 3-7 are due to our AART, Kristen Scudder, on or before Thursday, January 9th.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please do not wait to submit referrals if you do not have school test results.  Once received, they will automatically be added to the forms.  However, private testing must be submitted with the referral forms. 

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for the referral deadline.

The referral form and parent/guardian questionnaire are located online at

Optional AAP Parent Documents

Due to Navy ES by January 9th, 2020

Multiple sources of information are reviewed to determine eligibility for placement of Level IV.  Documents provided by the school include:  Ability Test Scores, Achievement Test Scores (optional), Gifted Behaviors Rating Scale with Commentary, Progress Reports, and Classroom Work Samples. Parents of students in the AAP Pool have the option of submitting the following documents to their child’s screening file.  Please DO NOT staple any of the pages together.

Optional Documents that Parents Can Include in the Screening File

  • Parent/Guardian (Questionnaire) (…)
  • Student Work Samples (up to 4 pages single sided)
    • A maximum of four additional pages of student work samples on single-sided 8 ½ x 11 pages.  Original stories, artwork, and other student work may be submitted in black and white or color, reduced or enlarged from the original, but must be on standard 8 ½ x 11 writing, copying, photographic, or bond paper.  Large/oversize pages, small pages, cardboard, tag board, construction paper may not be submitted.  Larger/smaller pages, projects, and photographs may be copied onto standard paper.  Videos, DVD’s, three-dimensional art, spiral paper, notebooks, pocket folders, and two-sided pages may not be submitted.  Work will not be returned.
  • Student Awards or Commendations (limit 5 pages)
    • A maximum of five single-sided, 8 ½ x 11 pages of certificates, awards, honors, accomplishments, letters of commendation, report of previous participation in advanced academic programs, and extracurricular activities.  Letters of commendation may be handwritten or typed from adults who know the student, including parents or other relatives, music or art teacher, coach, etc.  The appropriate input for FCPS personnel is the Gifted Behaviors Rating Scale with Commentary (GBRSw/C).  Therefore, letters from FCPS staff members may not be submitted.  Materials will not be returned.


Contact Kristen Scudder (@email).

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