Digital Transformation Updates 2018

February 01, 2018

Navy's Digital Transformation

At the January 31 PTO meeting, members of the third grade team, Principal Jon Coch, and SBTS Stacey Sinclair presented updates on Navy's Digital Transformation. 

In advance of the presentation, Navy's third grade students and parents took a survey sharing their experiences and opinions of 1:1 computer use in their classroom so far this year. An interactive summary of the survey results is available here:

For those unable to attend, the full slideshow is available below, as well as a narrated video of the presentation and a downloadable .pdf file of the slides. 

In addition, you'll find videos of our third grade students sharing their experiences with 1:1 computers in the classroom. Look for examples of learning through individual computer use, shared classroom experiences away from the computers, and learning activities blending digital and analog resources.

We Need Your Input

As we continue our Digital Transformation at Navy, we'd like to hear from you! After reviewing the Digital Transformation information available on this post, please take a few moments to complete the following survey:

We'll collect survey responses until February 9.