Oakton Pyramid Digital Citizenship Week 2022

For Parents
March 03, 2022

Next week is the Oakton Pyramid's Virtual Digital Citizenship Week. From March 7-11, we'll be thinking about Proactive Practices. Families can access webinars and resources to discuss. Here is a schedule of topics for the week. 


Monday’s Theme: 

Social Awareness

Words can be powerful. It is important to think about what we say and how it affects others. 

Link to Webinar

Social Media Basics for Parents

Family Conversation Starters

What apps do you use to communicate with your friends? Have you ever seen something that made you feel uncomfortable on those apps?


Tuesday’s Theme: 

Digital Footprint

What kind of digital footprint are you leaving online? Think about what you post and share.

Link to Webinar

Addressing Social Media Challenges

Family Conversation Starters

How does spending time on social media make you feel? Do you ever feel pressured to do something just to post it online?


Wednesday’s Theme: 

Self Management 

Making healthy choices can affect our mood and how we see the world.Today, we remember how important it is to get plenty of sleep and to think about how media content & time on devices can also affect your mood.

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Selecting Quality Content for your Family

Family Conversation Starters

Do you feel like the shows you watch and games you play are appropriate for your age? What makes you feel that way?


Thursday’s Theme: 

Relationship Skills

What you say or post online can have an impact on others. Today’s theme is a reminder that we are all on the same team and need to think about our impact on others. How do we connect with others, both online and in person?

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Parenting in the Digital Age

Family Conversation Starters

How do you prioritize your time? What do you do to make sure you have a balance between online and in-person interactions?


Friday’s Theme: 

Self Awareness 

As digital citizens, we have responsibilities to ourselves, our communities, and our world to use technology to learn, create and connect with others.  

Link to Identity Guide


Family Conversation Starters

Which lessons have resonated with you this week? What are the next steps we will take in our families to be responsible digital citizens?