Digital Wellness and Common Sense Media

For Parents
December 21, 2018

In order to reach the best outcomes for our students, FCPS approaches Digital Citizenship Education by promoting shared responsibility among school staff, parents, and students. The shared responsibility model below outlines how each stakeholder plays a vital role in ensuring that students learn to use technology safely, responsibly, and ethically, and learn to develop healthy habits and self-monitoring skills around the use of technology.

Illustration by Jeff Lonnett outlining shared responsibility for digital citizenship.

To learn more about fostering students' digital wellness, check out these helpful resources for parents.

FCPS' Digital Citizenship Page


Common Sense Media - For Parents

Common Sense Media is a site outside of FCPS. It offers helpful articles and advice around digital wellness,managing screen time, and reviews apps, video games, and even movies from he standpoit of student wellness and safety.