First Grade

Our First Grade Team 

Photo of some of the First Grade Teachers

Welcome to First Grade! Our team members include: Ms. Batson, Miss Cavanaugh, Mrs. Manrique, Miss Taranto, and Ms. Trimble. Together we create an atmosphere that is structured and organized with clear expectations. Our classrooms are a place where children feel good about themselves and go home each day proud of something they've accomplished. Our goal is to create a learning environment where students are not afraid to ask questions or share ideas. Children learn from each other as well as the teacher. We encourage students to read at home with someone every night with the leveled books that we provide from our take home book program as well as books of their choice. We complete one Project Based Learning (PBL) unit per quarter where we encourage collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. Math and Language Arts in our classrooms are engaging and center based. We incorporate technology in our classroom every day.

1st Grade in Action

FCPS First Grade Curriculum