School History

Opening Date: Fall, 1955

In 1892, the community in which Navy School is now located was called Thompson's Corner. This community was to receive a post office, but because a post office in Louisa County, Virginia, already bore the name Thompson, the Post Office Department insisted that the residents of Thompson's Corner choose a different name.

Prospective patrons submitted numerous choices, but all were rejected because they too were in use elsewhere. At the residents' request the Post Office Department sent a list of permissible names. All of the names were very short - most contained only two or three letters. Because "Navy" was one of the few longer names on the list, the community voted to so name its post office. Although the post office was closed in 1905, the area unofficially kept the name.

The original school was built in 1888 and took the name "Navy" after the post office was established. The existing school was built between 1955 and 1956. Additions were made in 1959, 1978, 1986, and 2004.

In past years, Navy School's symbols have been an anchor and Captain Ness (Navy Elementary School Students). In 1985 students selected the dolphin as the school's mascot.

What's in a Name?

Watch a video created by FCPS to explain the naming of Navy Elementary School.

The Navy School

The first public school to serve our community was called the Ox Hill School. A one-room schoolhouse, the Ox Hill School was located near the intersection of Waples Mill Road and West Ox Road. This school burned down sometime between 1892 and 1895. The Ox Hill School site is shown on old road maps as "the Burnt Schoolhouse." In the 1880s, the population of school-aged children in the Thompson's Corner community was on the rise necessitating the building of a new schoolhouse to relieve overcrowding at the Ox Hill School. The one-room Navy School was established in 1888. Records are not available to tell us the name of its first teacher, but we do know that Lillian W. Millan taught there from 1891 to 1898. The school closed permanently in 1931, and children from our community were bused to Floris Elementary until the current Navy Elementary School opened in 1955. After it closed, the first Navy School was converted into a dwelling. The building was torn down in May 2017. 

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