Math and Reading Resource Teachers

At Navy Elementary, we are so fortunate to have the best math and reading coaches! Not only are they experts in their field but they are passionate about what they do. Our teachers value their support and our students love spending time with each of them.


 Elementary Math Resource Teacher - EMRT

Fairfax County Public Schools focuses on an engaging and student centered mathematics instruction. We believe in active learners developing understanding through problem solving, rich learning opportunities, and reflecting on learning to develop students’ mathematical identity. 

Our Navy Math Resource teacher works with both teachers and students to foster student-centered mathematics, providing professional development, small group intervention, and enrichment activities to all grade levels. . Do you want to learn more about Math at Navy ES? Please contact Emily Madison at [email protected]

Picture of Emily Madison


Literacy Coaches

The Literacy Team at Navy Elementary is made up of Becky Schnabel (Literacy Lead), and Cristyn Scott (Reading Intervention). Navy Elementary is committed to providing evidence-based literacy instruction that is grounded in science of reading research. Literacy instruction at Navy ES is engaging, multi-sensory and structured to instruct students in all the strands of Scarborough’s Reading rope (2001):  building background knowledge, vocabulary, language structures, verbal reasoning, literacy knowledge, phonological awareness, decoding, and sight recognition. 

Teachers at Navy receive ongoing training in effective literacy instruction and provide their instruction based on data to ensure they are targeting the needs of students. At Navy ES, we have high expectations for ALL students to realize their greatest potential in literacy skills, placing equity at the center of our work.  Our school is committed to 

creating a culture of readers and writers that value literacy and use reading, writing, listening and speaking to become more effective communicators who leverage our strong literacy skills to empower each other and our school community. Do you want to learn more about literacy at Navy ES? Please contact Rebecca Schnabel at @email

Photo of Becky SchnabelPhoto of Cristyn Scott

Math and Literacy Coaches