Navy is a Special Place to Be!

Welcome to Navy Elementary, where excellence meets a nurturing environment! At our school, we take pride in fostering a community that values education, creativity, and the opportunity to cultivate 21st century learners. Our dedicated and compassionate staff is committed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students to learn and grow. With a highly engaged Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), we strive to involve our community in exciting events such as our annual Spelling Bee, Multicultural Fair, and our innovative STEAM fair, to name a few. We embrace diversity and language learning, through FLES, to prepare our students for a globalized world. Beyond academics, our focus on the "Portrait of a Graduate" skills empowers our students to become effective communicators, collaborative team players, critical and creative thinkers, global and ethical citizens, and goal-directed, resilient individuals. As an Advanced Academic Program (AAP) center, our commitment to excellence is evident in the seamless collaboration across teams. In addition to a strong academic focus at Navy, physical fitness and an enriching fine arts program play important roles in developing the whole child. Join us at Navy—where every day is an opportunity for growth, learning, and creating lifelong memories!

Find out more about some of our special programs at Navy!

Active Parent Volunteer Program

Our Navy PTO is incredible. Find out how you can volunteer and support our school here

Advanced Academic Program

Navy is a Level IV Center for grades 3-6.

Fairfax County Public Schools offers a continuum of advanced academic services for students K-12 that builds upon students' strengths and skills and maximizes the academic potential of all learners.

Our Navy Advanced Academic resource teacher (AART) collaborates with the school staff to determine the appropriate level of advanced academic services. Parents may refer their child for advanced academic services or get additional information on the screening process or advanced academic opportunities at Navy by contacting the school at 703-262-7100

Learn more about Advanced Academics Programs on the FCPS website

Advanced Math

All students have access to rigor through differentiated activities. Additionally, starting in grade 3, students who qualify can participate in advanced math. Find out more about mathematics in FCPS here

Before & After School Activities

Our PTO organizes and hosts a variety of different before and after school activities. 

Examples of what has been offered:

  • Intro to coding
  • FUNdamental Foundations for Strings
  • Minecraft
  • Level-up Coding
  • Acting
  • Zumba
  • Pottery
  • Sports and Games
  • 3D Printing
  • Chess Club
  • Yoga

Community Engagement

Some examples of events and engagement opportunities:

  • STEAM Fair
  • Multi-cultural Fair
  • Veteran's Day Celebration
  • Monthly Principal's Coffee
  • Navy Pumpkin Contest
  • Spelling Bee
  • 6th Grade Basketball Game
  • 5th and 6th Grade Dance
  • Book Fair

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Elementary ESOL Services are individualized to meet students' English language development needs. ESOL teachers work directly with English Learners (ELs) to advance English language development by building academic language and content understandings in tandem. ELs develop English language proficiency through engaging in reading and writing tasks and academic conversations.

Learn more about ESOL in FCPS here

Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools Program (FLES)

The Foreign Language in the Elementary School/Language through Content (FLES/LTC) Program helps students learn a world language through Science and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) integrated content. The program provides language learning opportunities to all students in an elementary school from grades K through 6th.

We have two warm and welcoming Spanish teachers. Meet them here.

Girls on the Run

Our students participate in Girls on the Run in the Fall. It is wonderful program that meets before school. Girls participate in lessons that help enhance their social, emotional and physicals skills and behaviors to successfully navigate life experiences. These lessons focus on confidence, connection character and caring through running. At the end of the season, girls participate in a 5k run. 

Math and Literacy Coach

We are very fortunate to have both a math coach and literacy coach at Navy. They work together with teachers to help support the learning of our students. To learn more about them, visit our page here

Navy News - WNES

At Navy we have a large group of students who run the morning news program each day. They run everything both in front of the camera and behind it. 

It starts with the two anchors of the week who write the news script. They also ensure that the slides are set up to match the script. The slides act as our "set." Each morning the current crew will turn everything on, test the mics, camera and lighting. They run through the show to practice and then starting at 8:52 they go live. One crew member will run the teleprompter, one handles the set, another ques in the anchors and make sure the correct camera is airing and one more crew member controls the sound. Together they bring the news to the whole school.  


Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning

POG Icon Symbols

Presentations of Learning give every learner multiple opportunities to demonstrate growth toward grade-level expectations for Portrait of a Graduate outcomes.

Learn more about what Portrait of a Graduate or POG looks like at Navy here.


Project Based Learning

PBL is implemented in all of our classrooms, giving students an opportunity to learn authentically. Watch this video for an overview of what PBL is.

Safety Patrols

Safety patrols play a vital role in our daily life at Navy ES. They help students arrive and dismiss safely each morning and afternoon. 

Special Education Services

Navy provides many programs that support the implementation of evidence-based practices to increase the academic achievement and the social and emotional competence of students based on individual needs. 

See our special education team here.

Student Council Association (SCA)

Our students participate in SCA. Being in the Student Council is a big responsibility. Our SCA officers are the voice for our students. Each year we hold an election for all students who are interested in being an SCA officer. Students campaign by hanging posted around the building and giving a speech. Then our students vote for who they would like to represent them for the upcoming year. Our SCA officers are: President, Vice President, Historian and Secretary. 


Technology plays an integral role here at Navy. All students, K-6, use technology on a daily basis. Our kindergarteners use iPads and the rest of our students use personal laptops. Navy's teachers use technology as a tool to not only enhance learning but to also engage their learners. Students are able to amplify, and transform their learning outcomes through the purposeful use of technology. Students can also access a variety of different tech tools such as ST Math and Lexia, that aides in targeting their individual learning goals.

Young Scholars

Young Scholars is a program designed to identify and nurture students with high academic potential who may face additional barriers to access and success in Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) and courses.