A Day in the Life of Our DedicatedNavy Support Staff

By Landon, Mrs. McLaughlin & Chat GPT
December 15, 2023

At Navy, our school is not just a building; it's a well-maintained space crafted by the hard work and dedication of our custodial team. Get to know the faces behind the scenes – Mr. Tran, Mr. Deron, Mrs. Blanca, and Mrs. Juliet – as we explore their daily routines and the incredible efforts they put into keeping our school clean and vibrant.

Let's put a spotlight on our custodians. Mr. Tran, with six years of service, enjoys soccer and staying updated with the news, while Mr. Deron, a three-year veteran, has a love for football, basketball, and science fiction movies. Mrs. Blanca has been at Navy since 2007. She’s recently been promoted to our Building Supervisor. She finds joy in family time. Lastly,  Mrs. Juliet, a culinary enthusiast from Ghana, enjoys taking care of her four children and spending time with her husband while delighting in creating traditional dishes.

Although we currently have four custodians instead of the intended five, their dedication shines through. Ever wondered what it takes to maintain our school? Read on to discover the day-to-day responsibilities that keep our custodians on their toes.

Mrs. Blanca, the early riser and building opener at 6:30 am, ensures everything is in order, from the cafeteria to the grounds. Her day involves responding to emails, cleaning the cafeteria, and tackling various requests from the office. The afternoon crew, consisting of Mr. Deron, Mr. Tran, and Mrs. Juliet, works collaboratively to maintain our school until a late 11:00 pm clock-out time.

It's not just about mopping floors and cleaning classrooms. Our custodians handle everything from grass cutting and snow shoveling to roof cleaning and leaf raking, contributing to the overall aesthetics of our school.

As the school year concludes, our custodians face their toughest challenge. Stripping, waxing, and deep cleaning every inch of the school, they work tirelessly to ensure the space is ready for the upcoming year.

Appreciating the hard work of our custodians, we wonder how we can contribute. Simple gestures like bringing trash cans to the door or cleaning up after ourselves can make a significant difference. Let's work together to show our gratitude and make their job a bit easier.

Next time you see Mr. Tran, Mr. Deron, Mrs. Blanca, or Mrs. Juliet in the halls of Navy, don't forget to offer a friendly hello and a heartfelt thank you for their unwavering dedication. Our custodians are the unsung heroes who ensure our school remains a clean, safe, and welcoming space for all.


A special thank you to Landon, our SCA Historian. Landon chose our newest blog topic, and took the time to interview our custodians, took notes and helped to organize all of it for our Navy website.