Exciting Times for Our 4th Graders at Navy Elementary!

One Week, Two Memorable Events

By Chrissy McLaughlin with the help of Chat GPT
November 06, 2023

Ms. Kelly and a student both dressed as Rosie the RiveterLast week was an absolute blast for our 4th graders at Navy Elementary, as they embarked on two fun-filled events that not only enriched their learning but also left lasting memories. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing 4th-grade team, especially Mrs. Maryn Simon, for putting together these fantastic experiences for our children.

History Trick-or-Treating

The week started with a fantastic History Trick-or-Treating event, where our 4th graders transformed into historical icons. The cafeteria buzzed with excitement as students, each donning costumes representing various historical figures, mingled, answered history questions, and collected signatures from staff members. It was remarkable to see how passionate and knowledgeable our young historians had become.

To prepare for this history event, the students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the questions that different teachers around the building prepared in advance. Our historians worked collaboratively within their groups, delving into research and hunting down answers to these intriguing historical queries. This not only deepened their understanding of the past but also encouraged teamwork and critical thinking, two of our POG attributes. The cafeteria was abuzz with enthusiastic discussions, and learning became an adventure that day!

Native American Yehakin Building

Two 4th grade boys building their Yehakin

The excitement continued as our 4th graders embarked on the culminating activity of their Native American studies. In an incredible display of creativity and collaboration, they brought in natural resources from home to construct Yehakins, traditional Native American dwellings.

This hands-on experience allowed students to explore some of the materials that would have been available to the Native Americans and it allowed them to understand their lifestyle better. Building Yehakins out of natural resources turned out to be harder than they originally thought. Students wanted to grab for modern materials, but had to put their heads together instead to overcome obstacles.  It was heartwarming to see our young learners coming together to build these impressive structures. Not only did they build Yehakins, but they also built a stronger sense of community, appreciation for indigenous cultures, and respect for the environment. Yet another POG skill, Global and Ethical Citizens. 

These two events were not only educational but also loads of fun for our students. These events showcased the dedication and creativity of our 4th-grade team, and the support of our parents, who contributed natural resources for the Yehakin project.

In a world where knowledge and experience are paramount, it's events like these that help shape well-rounded individuals. We are proud to have our 4th graders learning and growing in such engaging and interactive ways.

Once again, we extend our sincere thanks to the 4th-grade team, for their hard work and dedication in making these events a reality. We look forward to more exciting learning adventures as the school year unfolds.