Little Green Thumbs: A Guide to Kindergartners Planting Pumpkins!

By Chrissy McLaughlin
Photo Gallery
May 13, 2023

Mrs. Cooksey's Kindergarten class recently had a fun project based learning lesson on planting pumpkin seeds. The students were tasked with planting their own pumpkin seeds and observing their growth over time.

To start, Mrs. Cooksey handed out small cups for her students to fill with soil. They then placed two pumpkin seeds into the soil, making sure it was buried deep enough to start growing. Mrs. Cooksey then had the students water their seeds, being careful not to over-water them.

After the planting was complete, Mrs. Cooksey handed out scientist observation journals to each student. They were instructed to write down what they observed about their pumpkin seeds on the very first day. This included the appearance of the soil, and the container it was in. She made sure students were careful when drawing and writing their observations. They were reminded that they were scientists and scientist only draw what they directly observe.

As a class, students shared their wonders. They wondered when the seed will grow and how big the seed will be. They are excited to write down their observations each day and see how much their plants will grow. 

Not only did this lesson teach the students about planting and observing plants, but it also helped to develop their writing skills and foster a love for science. Mrs. Cooksey's Kindergarten class had a great time learning about pumpkin seeds and they can't wait to watch their plants grow. They are eager to see their fully grown pumpkins when they return in the Fall as first graders!