The Navy News Show - WNES-

By Chrissy McLaughlin
January 10, 2024

What Really Goes Into Our Daily Live News Show?

Here at Navy we have a news studio that puts on a live news show for our whole school every single day. We could not run it without our dedicated news crew that is comprised of around thirty, 6th grade students. Each quarter we have a crew of 7-8 students who run the whole show!

Many people don't know what happens behind the scenes and all that is involved in having a live production. We have 4 behind the scenes jobs and between 2-3 anchors to run the live show. The first week that the news crew comes to Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Litz, they get trained on how to use all the equipment. Students then train on each of the elements and rotate through all of them. To have a more in depth understanding of the show, check out the description of each element below. 

News Crew Jobs

Switcher- The switcher controls which camera students are seeing live their classroom. In the news studio we have two different cameras so we can have two different sets. The main set is for out two main anchors. We have a more relaxed talk show vibe. Our second camera is for our additional anchor. Each day of the week we have a special news segment that our additional anchor helps out with. 

  • Monday- POG Perspective- we talk about different Portrait of a Graduate skills
  • Tuesday- Teacher Tuesday or Trivia Tuesday- our students either interview a staff member on the news or share a trivia question
  • Wednesday- Wonderful Word Wednesday- Mrs. Schnabel, our Literacy Coach, uses a word that a student in the school has recommended and she does a whole segment on it. The students really love this one. 
  • Thursday- World of Words- Each week a different student is a guest on the news and they teach the whole school a new word in another language.
  • Friday- Week's End Weather Watch- Our additional anchor gives us the forecast for Friday and what the weekend is looking like. 

Slides- Our students use Canva to control our backgrounds. You'll notice in our behind the scenes video below, we use green screens to be able to have whatever we want as our background. We have our "news set", followed by slides to do the pledge and a moment of silence. Then students share what's for lunch each day and then we add our additional segment's set, before we wrap out the news show. Students have fun adding to the slides and being creative. 

Audio Mixer- Our audio mixer controls which of our three microphones are on and transmitting audio to the classrooms and the crew member can also control the volume. 

Script- The news anchors who are on for the week help to prepare the script. They start from a template and then customize parts and fill in parts on their own. It is their responsibility to make sure the script is ready for the morning and the slides are ready to go as well. 

Main anchors- Our two main anchors are live for the week. They collaborate to get the scrip and slides ready for the whole week. 

Additional anchors- Our additional anchor will run the additional news segments. 

Behind the Scenes & An Example of a Live Show