Teacher Feature: Mr. Salzberg

By Landon Meiring
September 19, 2023

Our SCA (Student Council Association) Historian, Landon, interviewed Mr. Salzberg, one of our strings teachers. Landon asked him many questions to get to know more about him and the strings program at Navy. Then Landon wrote up the feature on Mr. Salzberg below. 


Photo of Mr. Salzberg


Why you should join the Navy strings program. The instructor, Mr. Salzberg, has been teaching strings for 10-years. He has been teaching strings in FCPS for the last six years. He teaches strings at Navy ES and Crossfield ES. Prior to coming to FCPS, he taught in Prince William County for 4-years. Since he teaches at two schools at once, it's like he has nearly 20-years of experience teaching strings.  So, if you want to join strings, you will have a great teacher with tons of experience.  

If you are interested in strings, it's a good time to join because Navy has the biggest strings program in the County among elementary schools. This means not only will you have a great teacher, but lots of friends in the class. The strings program performs concerts for their friends and family. Some former strings students have gone on to win national awards, perform at Carnegie Hall, and even been on the radio.

If you want to know more about Mr. Salzberg,I'll tell you some interesting facts about Mr. Salzberg.  If Mr. Salzberg could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Salzburg, Austria because it is an important place for music, the birthplace of Mozart, and tons of other musicians have had huge concerts there. As you might have guessed, he also has some Austrian heritage, it matches his last name. Another interesting thing about Mr. Salzberg is, he played soccer growing up.  Unfortunately, he broke his arm, so his mom insisted that put team sports to rest. Eventually, he picked up stings and his high school strings teacher convinced him to go to college for a music degree. After graduating from JMU with a degree in music, he became a strings teacher and ended up at Navy ES. 

We are so lucky to have Mr. Salzberg here at Navy with us. If you're interested in joining strings in the future, be sure to talk with Mr. Salzberg.