Year in Review - The Best of 2023

By Chrissy McLaughlin
January 04, 2024

In 2023 we launched a new Facebook and Instagram account for Navy Elementary. There are so many wonderful things happening at Navy and we wanted to share it with our community. Our staff and students work so hard every day. Wherever you turn, there's always something incredible to capture. As we kick off 2024, let's take a look back at our 10 most popular posts! 

10 tops social media posts of 2023

Row 1: 

  • Former Navy Elementary students came back to do their Senior walk. Students and teachers loved seeing and cheering on the soon to be grads! They love getting to walk the halls one more time!

Row 2:

  • Ms. Marcey's second grade class took science outdoors for a fun experiment. They wanted to check out the chemical changes to soda when different amounts of Mentos were dropped in. The kids could hardly contain their excitement.
  • Chrissy McLaughlin, Kathleen Trench, and Kristen Scudder (SBTS, Teacher, AART) had a opportunity to participate in FCPS's Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning Share Fair. They highlighted some of the great POG work being done at our school all the other schools in our county. 
  • At the start of 2023, our first quarter news crew was the first to kick off the year in our new WNES news studio. We had a whole new "set", equipment, location and props. They were happy to be a part of this new era.

Row 3:

  • A group of our 5th graders were celebrating POG and cheering when they solved critical and creative thinking puzzles. 
  • Mrs. Scudder was visited by her former students when they came back for their Senior Walk. Such a proud moment. 
  • Our first Reel! Navy students earned a PTO sponsored hallway dance party after hitting our goal for the no fuss fundraiser. There was dancing and celebrating down every hall. Teachers even got in on the fun!

Row 4

  • The Sweet Shop tradition was a huge hit. In the days leading up to winter break, teachers were spoiled by the PTO and our community with so many yummy treats. We all felt the love. 
  • Our Taylor Swift themed POG Spirit Week was a huge success! Each day of the week we celebrated a different Portrait of a Graduate skill, learned about Taylor Swift and participated in fun activities.
  • The last day before our winter break was Silly Sweater day. Our Navy Staff went all out. This reel highlighted some of the creative outfits.

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for your support in celebrating all that is happening at Navy. Our social media is just a peak at some of the wonderful things happening each day. If you haven't had a chance to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, please give us a follow.