General Information

A County Initiative for the 21st Century

FCPS has formally partnered with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Eco-School USA program. In 2012, Navy Elementary adopted this program and was awarded the Bronze Award. The Eco-School USA program is based upon student driven action teams that work on building eco stewardship and awareness in their school and community. There are many pathways to fulfill these goals; Navy is currently pursuing Biodiversity, Schoolyard Grounds, Waste and Consumption, and Energy.

The Pollinator Garden

In the 2014-2015 school year, a dynamic team of Navy teacher and parents came together to expand the second grade Pollinator Garden located between the 6th Grade Wing and the Kiss N’ Ride  Entrance. The team was awarded a FCPS Schoolyard Stewardship Mini-Grant that enabled the garden to double its size and create a space for outdoor, hands-on learning. All students engaged in an Earth Week project by painting the new entrance arbor and benches. First and Second Graders planted natives and annuals donated by our community. By year’s end, this new space was certified as a Monarch Waystation through Please visit, explore and enjoy our school habitat! Make sure to walk through and find the QR Codes and learn about the Virginia Native Plants.

Navy’s Outdoor Classroom: The Courtyard

During the 2015-2016 work began to revitalize the most central part of our school, the Courtyard. During this year, Eco Schools was awarded a grant from Miracle Gro to create an edible garden for students. That Spring, an herb garden and greens garden was constructed as well as Kindergartener’s planting pumpkins. Eagle Scouts have contributed to the global project. Varun Kota, replaced the benches and redesigned one of the beds to include Virginia native plants and a walkway. This past year an irrigation system was also added to help maintain the edibles. The Courtyard is an ongoing project that will hopefully be completed by June 2018. There are more plans forthcoming so make sure to stop by and check it out!

Main Garden by the Playground

During the 2016-2017 school year, Girl Scout Troop 5424 earned their Girl Scout Silver Award by creating an new and inviting garden space using part of the existing Navy Main Garden. They weeded and mulched the space and planted Virginia natives including flowering perennials and grasses. They removed an overgrown rosebush, trimmed the existing tree, installed a kinetic sculpture and added inviting stepping stones throughout the garden space. Additionally, Troop 5424 created QR codes (placed in the ground next to select natives) that can be scanned. Visitors can learn about the garden’s plantings by scanning the codes.

Schoolyard Habitat Request Form

Are you or a group interested in altering/creating any of Navy’s Schoolyard Habitats? Use this form to request permission to alter any of our schoolyard spaces. Ex.) planting, building, and/or creating a new space. If so, fill out this form and submit to Stephanie Drost via school mail or email,

Recycling Initiatives

The Eco Club is responsible for auditing the school recycling programs and making changes to increase recycling at Navy. Currently we follow FCPS recycling regulations. In addition, we also have continued to participate in two Recycling Programs, TREX Plastic Recycling, where we have recycled approximately 700 pounds of plastic for the 2016-2017 school year, placing 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic region with elementary school student enrollments of 801-1100 students.  This region includes states: DC, DE, KY, MD, OH, VA and WV. Through the Colorcycle program we recycled over 1,000 markers during the 2016-2017 school year! We hope for even bigger numbers next year as we continue to teach our child eco stewardship practices at home and school. You can find deposit containers for both programs at the Kiss and Ride Entrance and outside the Cafeteria.

During the 2016-2017 school year we encouraged students to increase recycling in the cafeteria. The Eco Club set up new procedures for students to follow and additional signage so students know what is acceptable!

Find Out More

Please check back periodically for updates on the Navy website to find out about current projects, needs, and to access sign-up genius links for volunteering. Also, look to the PTO Friday News Blast and Quarterly Newsletters for weekly and regularly updated information. You may also directly contact Stephanie Drost, 5th Grade Teacher and Eco-Schools Lead,

Eco Club

The 2017-2018 school year marks the beginning of our 3rd year of Eco Action! Our Eco Club meets 13 times a year. We have a Junior Club, grades 2 and 3 as well as an Upper Club, grades 4,5, and 6. We have about 50 students that participate! Our students are involved in learning how to be an environmental steward as well as help run our recycling initiatives, maintain our garden spaces, and problem solve environmental issues at school. Eco Club applications are accepted at the end of the school year for the following year. The Junior Club is led by teacher, Shannon Byrnes and Instructional Assistant, Nasima Arya. The Upper Club is led by teacher, Stephanie Drost.

Get Involved

  1. Become a team member! Our unique team includes students, teachers and parents working together.

  2. Donate Needed Supplies.

  3. Eagle Scout Troop Projects/Service Hours.

  4. Write and Prepare Grants.

  5. Talent/skills - Work with us on a per project basis, we need artists, builders, landscapers/gardeners, educators and those willing to weed, labor and till in the garden.

If interested please contact Stephanie Drost, or Viki Mutarelli,