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FCPS Distance Learning Plan

Navy Elementary School staff are looking forward to resuming lessons and activities. Distance Learning begins on Tuesday, April 14th. We are busy planning and can’t wait to reconnect with our students!

During Distance Learning, our number one goal is to continue providing high-quality instruction. We recognize the challenges our students and families may face in the upcoming weeks. We are all adjusting to this new teaching and learning format together. Here are few tips for parents and guardians to help students succeed in this new environment:

  • Take a deep breath.

  • Be there for your child as a parent.

  • Continue to maintain family norms and be supportive.

  • Know that you are doing the best you can.

  • Celebrate your accomplishments and progress!

Distance Learning FAQs

What is Distance Learning?

A learning experience where teachers and students are separated by place. They communicate through live face-to-face classes using virtual meeting technology. Students also complete independent learning through print or electronic media.

What will Distance Learning look like? 

  • All students will receive FCPS distance learning packets via mail. 
  • All class materials are available through FCPS 24/7 Learning (Blackboard).
  • Teachers may also use Google Classroom to communicate with students and collect work.
  • Virtual class meetings and teacher office hours will be on Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Teachers will have set office hours when students can receive ongoing learning support.

What Is the schedule for Distance Learning?

Grade levels will follow the general schedule shown below. Teacher-directed learning will take place Monday through Thursday. Each grade level has shared their specific weekly schedule with parents via email.


  • Classroom Session: 1:00-2:00

  • Office Hours: 3:00-4:00

1st Grade

  • Classroom Session: 10:00- 11:00

  • Office Hours: 11:00-12:00

2nd Grade

  • Classroom Session: 9:00-10:00

  • Office Hours: 1:00-2:00

3rd Grade

  • Classroom Session: 11:00-12:00

  • Office Hours: 1:00-2:00; 2:00-3:00(AAP)

4th Grade

  • Classroom Session: 10:00-11:00

  • Office Hours: 12:00-1:00; 9:00-10:00 Monday & Wednesday (teacher specific)

5th Grade

  • Classroom Session: 9:00-12:00 (following block schedule)

  • Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 (following block schedule)

​​​​6th Grade

  • Classroom Session: 12:00-1:00

  • Office Hours: 1:00-2:00; 11:00-12:00 (PBL Math)

Where should I check for updates from teachers?

FCPS 24/7 Learning (Blackboard): https://www.fcps.edu/resources/technology/fcps-24-7-learning

Where can my student learn about Specials? 

Specials teachers (Physical Education, Art, Music, Library,  Guidance, AAP, and ESOL) will be connecting with students through FCPS 24/7 Learning (Blackboard). Students will have opportunities to interact virtually with these staff and related resources will be posted for anytime access. Please encourage your child to check for specials lessons in Navy's Specials Blackboard Course.

Where can additional information be found?

In an effort to meet the needs of our students and families during the coronavirus pandemic, FCPS has consolidated information on the public website related to food distribution, services, assistance, and the plan for distance learning. We invite you to visit the website, as information is updated regularly: https://www.fcps.edu/news/coronavirus-update

Where can I get help with technology during distance learning?

Guides for using FCPS technology are available on FCPS 24/7 Learning (Blackboard)'s Continuity of Learning page. Go to the Support Resources tab for directions and troubleshooting tips.

Log in to FCPS 24/7 (Blackboard) for information on FCPS' digital tools.

Community Resources during COVID-19 Closures